Goddesses Dream Earings – Peridot, White crystal, Fluorite, Pink amethyst

These enchanting rhodium plated earrings decorated with four different unique shape of rough stones (Peridot, White crystal, Fluorite, Pink amethyst) gives you a unique look and puts smile on your face.

Often called the study stone, Peridot crystal healing properties are also known to increase mental focus by making the mind more receptive to learning new things. Use it as your daily antidepressant that protects you from negative energy while bolstering a sense of self-worth and motivation. Known as the master healer. Amplifies energy and thought. Promotes clarity of the mind and aids in creativity. Belived to increase wisdom and insight. Fluorite, beautiful stone with amazing coulor, wearing this stone it encourages energy and brings peace to your body and organisam. Pink Amethyst semi precious stone, known as stone of heart and love. Stimulates beauty of all kinds.

Each piece of Anka’s jewelry is handmade and inspired by nature, real beauty and uniques which every women holds. Anka’s jewelry is unique, just like you!

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