Goddesses Dream Ring – Rose quartz, Pink Tourmaline and White topaz

This powerfull rose gold plated ring with three unique shape of rough Rose quartz, Pink Tourmaline and White topaz  semi precious stone will rock any outfit.

Rose  quartz, beautiful stone with gentile color. From ancient times, it has been belived as “a gemstone of love” and gives the owner love and pleasure. Rose Quartz is a gemstone full of gentle and warm energy. Pink Tourmaline helps heal the heart from emotional wounds and infuses you with the energy of love and kindness. Releases stress, worries and anxiety. Brings feelings of comfort and safety. White topaz semi precious stone, known as stone of clarity. White topaz can wake up your potential when you need. This gemstone would support you strongly to make your dreams come trude or achive your goals.

Each piece of Anka’s jewelry is handmade and inspired by nature, real beauty and uniques which every women holds. Anka’s jewelry is unique, just like you!

Kn 330.00 Kn 470.00

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