Goddesses Pearl Tears Ring – Pearl and Green garnet

This  genuine rhodium plated ring with one fresh water pearl and rough Green garnet semi precious stone gives you the energy you need for the day.

Pearl is one of the oldest gemstones. The one who wears it strengthens mental faculties and renders perfect balances to rational senses. It soothes our emotions, enhances peace of mind and develops the power of concentration. Green garnet  beautiful stone  is one of the rarest minerals. The one who wears it fills with love, invulnerability and a good mood.

Each piece of Anka’s jewelry is handmade and inspired by nature, real beauty and uniques which every women holds. Anka’s jewelry is unique, just like you!



Jewelry Care

Ways to store your jewelry

Jewelry should be stored away from direct sunlight and damp area. Store them in Anka’s packaging that comes with it.

Wearing with care

Never wear jewelry when doing any manual work such as housekeeping or exercise. Always put your jewellery on last so that clothes don’t catch on it. Apply perfume/lotion first so they don’t contaminate your jewellery. Avoid water (washing the dishes, swimming…etc) but if your jewelry do come into contact with water, use a dry soft tissue to gently pat them dry.

Cleaning your jewelry 

Remember to clean it with a soft cloth or mircofibre cloth after a day out before storing them in Anka bag or jewelry box.

Kn 220.00

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